Grooming operations are underway on the 3km and 5km loops, both Skate and Classic are set.  The high winds will have brought down leaves and branches so be careful out there!  If you see a branch and have the opportunity please pick it up and throw it off the trail.  Our groomers are working hard to clear the trail of debris, but every little bit helps out there.

The 5km course currently has two detours due to a new waterline being laid.  We are expecting to be back to the full 5km loop around Dec. 15th.

Wax suggestions for today – glide wax go with a mix of Toko Red/Blue or Swix CH7 (or LF7).   Kick wax I would go with good old Swix Blue (V40).   Start on the colder side with the wax and cover from there if you feel like you need some extra kick.

Enjoy it out there!