CHECK THIS OUTThursday, March 5th is a full moon, and I will be out on the trails for a ski and encourage anyone and everyone to come on out and join me.  Bring along a snack and some hot chocolate (or whatever beverage keeps you warm and happy).  I will keep the shop open until 6:30 when we will head out and hit the trails.  Free ski rentals and snowshoes!  I will be back to the shop at 7:30 and rentals can be returned between then and 8:00.  Anyone renting please show up a few minutes early since we still need to do the boring paperwork.

March, day 4.  Winter conditions look favorable as does the ski track.  3km and 5km loops groomed and tracked.  We will be setting a few shortcuts on the 3km loop in anticipation of warmer temperatures.  The Farm is rolled out!!!  No classic tracks, but head on out for a skating adventure.

Cold temps overnight will mean some nice, squeaky snow.  These will be amazing classic skiing conditions so shelve the skate skis for a day or two and enjoy some kick and glide if you are so inclined.

Glide Wax:  Toko NF Blue or Swix CH5 (a new awesome wax).  For longer skis mix in some X-Cold Powder.

Kick Wax:  Swix V30 (special blue) or Toko Blue.  Tomorrow morning will be hero snow – don’t put it on thick or have a huge kick zone, you’ll feel like a pro and really fast if you’re conservative with thin layers and a reasonably sized kick zone.

…And don’t forget…Our retail shop is stocked with all of the latest skis, boots, poles, waxes, outerwear, headwear and lots of other fun items to come check out if you’re in the neighborhood.  And we’re On Sale at 20% through most of the store!